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Communicate with your Workforce

May 24, 20233 min read


Effective communication plays a pivotal role in the recruitment industry. As seasoned professionals with over 20 years experience in the sector, we understand the challenges faced by recruitment agencies and companies when it comes to communicating with their workforce. In this blog post, we will explore how Quadzu can revolutionise your communication strategies and streamline the recruitment process.

The Importance of Professional Communication and How Quadzu Can Help your Recruitment Business

In the fast-paced world of recruitment, seamless communication is key to success. The ability to connect with candidates, share updates, and gather feedback efficiently is essential. Quadzu recognises this need and has developed a comprehensive solution to assist recruitment agencies and companies in communicating with their workforce.

Quadzu has established strategic partnerships with providers of SMS and Email functionality, seamlessly integrating these communication channels with the platform. This allows clients to communicate with candidates directly from the Quadzu platform, eliminating the need to switch between multiple systems or applications.

Keeping track of communication records can be a daunting task. Quadzu simplifies this process by automatically storing every email and SMS sent from the system, conveniently linked to the corresponding worker record. Additionally, SMS responses are stored within the worker's record, ensuring a centralised repository of all communication history. Any email received from a candidate is directly delivered to the original sender's inbox, facilitating efficient follow-up actions.

Furthermore, traditional methods of worker communication often result in scattered conversations, making it difficult to maintain an organised workflow. Quadzu's platform resolves this challenge by providing a centralised repository for all worker communication. Now, recruitment professionals can access and manage all information relating to communication in one place, fostering efficiency, and saving valuable time.

According to recent surveys, 68% of UK businesses reported that delays in the hiring process were primarily caused by poor communication with candidates. By adopting an integrated communication platform, recruitment agencies can experience significant improvements in their efficiency and candidate experience. On average, that results in a 35% reduction in response time, allowing them to engage with candidates promptly and secure top talent before their competitors.

Quadzu differentiates itself from competitors by offering a comprehensive solution that includes worker communication as an integral part of its platform. While other providers may charge for similar functionalities, Quadzu believes in delivering value to its clients without additional costs. It's worth noting that a commercial agreement with the chosen service provider is necessary to activate this feature seamlessly.


In the competitive recruitment industry, effective communication is the cornerstone of success. Quadzu empowers recruitment agencies and companies to streamline their communication processes, enhance efficiency, and build stronger connections with candidates. By leveraging Quadzu's integrated SMS and Email functionality, professionals can revolutionise their communication strategies, ultimately leading to better recruitment outcomes.

To learn more about how Quadzu can transform your communication practices and revolutionise your recruitment process, visit our website at

Remember, in the world of recruitment, effective communication is the key to unlocking success. Don't miss out on the opportunity to leverage Quadzu's cutting-edge technology and propel your business to new heights.

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