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Obtaining References for your Workforce

May 10, 20232 min read


The average cost per reference, per candidate is £3. This cost doesn’t factor in the costs that come with administrative and time pressures.

The easiest way to negate these costs is to utilise a system that helps manage the process for you. It is likely that businesses are already paying for a recruitment application with the average reference fee as an additional expense. But they don’t need to be!

Businesses need to ensure that their recruitment application works for them to streamline the process.

How Quadzu Streamlines the Process?

As a recruitment professional, obtaining and storing references for your workforce can be a time-consuming and challenging task. It's important to ensure that all the necessary information is collected and stored in one place for ease of access. This is where Quadzu comes in handy.

Quadzu's in-built reference function allows you to configure requests based on your specific requirements. You can implement a standard, company-wide reference request template or have multiple templates depending on the requirements of the sectors/clients you provide services to. Reference requests can be sent directly from the worker record to the people who have been identified  as referees as part of the electronic registration process.

The responses received from these requests are stored within the worker record for ease of access. This helps streamline the process and ensures that all the necessary information is in one place. Quadzu's reference function allows clients to negate the cost of obtaining references while implementing an easy-to-use, standardised, and efficient process.

With Quadzu, you can make the reference gathering process as simple as required while ensuring that all information is stored in one place.

How is Quadzu Different From Everyone Else? 

Most competitors don't offer this service, so companies using recruitment software often need to find a 3rd party that offers a referencing service which can be costly and time-consuming. Those that offer reference management often charge for it as either an additional subscription to a 'Referencing' module or on a charge per reference submission basis - Quadzu's referencing module is included as part of all subscription packages at no extra cost. 


In conclusion, obtaining references for your workforce doesn't have to be a challenging, costly and time-consuming task. Quadzu can streamline the process and make it more efficient. With Quadzu, you can obtain and store references in one place, which helps make the reference gathering process simpler and more cost-effective. Visit our website to find out more -

Alastair Mackenzie

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