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Part #2: Quadzu's Solution to the Timesheet Management Struggle

October 25, 20232 min read

Welcome back to the second installment of our two-part series on unlocking efficiency in timesheet management with Quadzu. In Part 1, we explored Quadzu's tailored timesheet management, streamlined visibility and editing, audit trails for transparency, and simplified pay and charge rates. Now, in Part 2, we'll continue our journey through Quadzu's comprehensive solution, covering additional key features that set Quadzu apart as your ultimate timesheet management solution.

5. AWR Tracking Made Easy

The Agency Workers Regulations (AWR) compliance is a complex and critical aspect of recruitment agency operations. Quadzu simplifies AWR tracking by providing a user-friendly interface that helps you easily monitor and adhere to AWR regulations. Our platform allows you to track the 12-week qualifying period and calculate AWR entitlements accurately. This ensures that you remain compliant and avoid costly penalties.

As AWR regulations evolve, the transition to comparator rates can be challenging. Quadzu streamlines this process, helping you seamlessly adjust to new AWR requirements. Our platform provides tools to compare pay rates, ensuring that your agency meets the changing AWR standards without complications.

6. Effortless Holiday Accrual

Accurate holiday accrual is crucial for both compliance and employee satisfaction. Quadzu simplifies this process by automating holiday accrual calculations. Every time a timesheet is approved, Quadzu calculates holiday accrual based on the average pay rate over a 52-week period. This eliminates manual calculations and reduces the risk of errors.

7. Seamless Payroll Integration

Quadzu doesn't stop at efficient timesheet management; it also streamlines payroll processes. Our platform offers out-of-the-box payroll exports for industry-standard applications like Sage Pay, Xero, QuickBooks, and more.

With Quadzu, you can easily export timesheet data to your preferred payroll software, reducing manual data entry and ensuring accuracy. If your recruitment company uses specialised payroll software or requires custom integrations, Quadzu's in-house team can develop tailor-made solutions to meet your unique requirements.

We're committed to providing flexibility and seamless integration options to support your agency's specific needs.

Conclusion for Part #2

In Part 2, we've completed our journey through Quadzu's timesheet management solution, highlighting how it simplifies AWR tracking, automates holiday accrual, and streamlines payroll integration. Quadzu empowers recruitment agencies with a comprehensive set of tools designed to enhance efficiency, compliance, and overall productivity.

At Quadzu, we're not just a software provider; we're your strategic partner with over two decades of experience in the recruitment industry. We're committed to your agency's success, and we invite you to experience the Quadzu advantage for yourself. Visit our website today to learn more about how Quadzu can transform your agency's operations. Don't let timesheet struggles hold you back—unlock efficiency with Quadzu today!

Alastair Mackenzie

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